O Cosmedics

O Biotics B3 Plus Serum

Even skin tone and collagen boosting serum

30ml dropper bottle

Improves immune function, induce skin health, even out skin tone, treats
hyper- pigmentation, acne, increases cellular communication, rosacea and reinforces skin
barrier functions.

There are two important enzymes that contribute to production of
cellular energy and lipids and they decrease, as we get older. B3 reduces the rate of their
decline. Because they support the skins barrier against pollution and irritants skin
conditions such as acne, redness with rosacea, inflammation can be actively managed. B3
combined with Stay C-5o and B-White work in perfect synergy to manage and reduce the
appearance of hyperpigmentation, redness and yellowness, red spots and break out on the



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O Cosmedics is a prescription range and can only be sold after a consultation with one of our therapists.
If you have seen a therapist previously OR if you are thinking of trying O for the first time, please fill in the form below and one of our staff will call you and take your order.

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