With the introduction of our nutritionist, Nicola Quinn Beauty and Day Spa want to ensure all of our clients’ health, beauty and wellness is looked after.

What is nutrition? Nutrition is the study of how food affects the body. Components of food are used by the body to provide energy, build and repair body tissue and drive metabolic reactions, supporting the body’s overall function. This includes protein, carbohydrates, fats and all the various vitamins and minerals.

It is true that 'you are what you eat!' The nutrients that are found in food help to build your body, therefore what you eat counts. To help keep your body healthy it is important to supply it with all the nutrients it requires, we can do this by choosing a variety of wholefoods including vegetables, fruits, legumes, seafood, dairy and meat. The closer the food is to the way it is found in nature the better. Processed foods may contain many synthetic ingredients which are foreign to the body and are best only eaten on occasion.

joannaTo help you achieve your health goals, we are excited to start 2017 by introducing Joanna, our Nutritionist. Working with you to help improve your health and wellbeing today!

Joanna is a qualified nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Additionally she has studied and practiced massage, aromatherapy and Ayurveda, allowing for a truly holistic approach in her recommendations.

Offering nutrition consultations Joanna’s philosophy is based on Ayurvedic principles (Ayurveda is one of the oldest health systems in the world and has been practiced for over 5000 years. Originating from India Ayurveda translates to mean the ‘science or knowledge of life’). Each consultation is totally personalised, providing recommendations in diet and lifestyle, supporting overall health, vitality and beauty from within.

If you have specific concerns diet and lifestyle advice may support the road back to balance.
Concerns may include;

Initial consultations are one hour long, in this time your health, diet, lifestyle and constitution is assessed. A personalised wellness plan is then detailed for you, to help you towards your health goals.

We have an introductory offer for all of our clients $120 for your nutrition consultation and wellness plan.

Joanna also offers Ayurvedic and Swedish massage to support the body’s state of relaxation, for it is in a relaxed state that the body’s intrinsic ability to heal is most profound.

Make a difference to your health today by understanding what your body needs
To find out more information about this service or to book an appointment please contact us on 03 355 6400