Women are now more aware of how they are presenting themselves in the best way they can. We are going to the gym, watching what we eat, doing yoga but sometimes there are certain areas that simply won’t shift.

We are excited to say.. we’ve found a SOLUTION.. and one that actually WORKS!
VIORA is a body contouring and skin tightening treatment…

Using vacuum and radio frequency, this technology offers people the ability to change the way their body looks in a safe way, without any pain, no downtime, no recovery, it’s totally safe, and noninvasive.
Each treatment simply feels like a firm massage with a little heat, most people fall asleep.. Afterwards you  literally can get up from the treatment and go right back to your busy life.

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Our client's are experiencing incredible results, and we’ve been blown away by what this technology can do.

Individuals depending on desired results require about 8 treatments per zone thy wish to focus on. Our highly skilled therapists can work through this process to identify the best plan for your needs.

Watch the video below to see Nicky’s story and see the results she’s been able to achieve with Viora body contouring.

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