Skin Fitness Facials

Our Signature Facials are expertly customised to your skin conditions and include a thorough skin analysis by your skincare therapist.

Skin Fitness Facials

Skincare Consultation

45 minutes - $65 Redeemable towards skincare products.

Concerned about your skin? Need to update your skincare regimen? Let our experienced team address your most trying of skin concerns with an expert skin diagnosis to help answer all of your questions. Using the latest technology, the BSB Imager will show every detail of your skin and allows us to customise a skincare programme planned for targeted results! Plus we can follow the progress of those results using this state-of-the-art equipment for future visits.

Skin DNA Genetic Test


Take a simple test and use science, not guesswork, to identify the most suited skincare ingredients, treatments and supplements – all based on your individual DNA. Find out how your skin will age, its strengths and weaknesses, even before you start seeing the signs. This involves a 30-minute initial test appointment and a 45-minute results consultation. You will also receive a 10% off O Cosmedics retail voucher.

Spa Facials

Reinvigorate Facial

$95 - 45mins

A demi facial for those that are short on time but wanting a great skin pick-me-up.

Recharge Facial

$115 - 60mins

For all skins, our organic facial nourishes, soothes and invigorates to ensure a fresher, brighter, recharged skin.

Optimised Facials

O Cosmedics Dermal Planning Series

$145 - 45mins

Based on medical strength actives, pure chiral ingredients, biomimetic and encapsulated carriers, these treatments offer intense skin changing results to regain skin youth, health and radiance. Concluded using a luxe peel off mask infused with unique skin corrective peptides and anti-inflammatory actives. From the variety of peels available your therapist will select the best peel to achieve your skin changing goals. Add $26 to incorporate a 15min facial massage.

Premier Facials

$170 - 75mins

A highly detailed Gatineau Paris ritual facial which creates beautiful skin and deep relaxation. Unique massage techniques ensure oxygen to the skin is boosted, creating luminosity, glow and softness. Your therapist will select the best of the 4 treatment options available using highly specialised masks and serums for desired results.

Specialist Facials

$130 - 60mins

This relaxing facial treatment has both gently stimulating and intensely hydrating effects to restore your skins natural balance and prevent signs of premature aging. It is personalised to treat your specific needs.

Results Focused Skin Treatments

Power Couple - To brighten and firm

Various pricing from $299

Combine the O Cosmedics Dermal Planning Peel and Viora Skin Tightening, two high level treatments that are designed to work on the skin at both cellular and deep lifting levels. We believe this treatment is unbeatable.

- O Peel & Skin Tightening for the eyes, jaw OR neck: $299 - 60mins
- O Peel & Skin Tightening for the full face: $399 - 90mins
- O Peel & Skin Tightening for the full face and neck: $499 - 105mins

The Trio Effect

$239 - 75mins

We’ve taken three of the most effective technologies and combined them into one intensive treatment. Begin with a microdermabrasion treatment to smooth and prepare, add an Infusion with IonwaveTM pulses to deliver essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the skin and conclude with an LED Light Therapy treatment.

The Trio Effect Plus

$269 - 90mins

We’ve taken The Trio Effect and switched the Microdermabrasion treatment for our most popular peel, the results focused, individualised O Cosmedics Dermal Peel. Your skin won’t know itself!

Double Act

$179 - 60mins

Pick two treatments from ‘The Trio Effect’ to create a fresher, smoother, more rejuvenated skin that guarantees skin change.

Future Plus

$255 - 90mins

First we remove dead skin with a Microdermabrasion, then we rejuvenate and wake up sleepy cells with LED and finally we use a specialised device (that you will take with you) to ensure penetration of active serums by up to 200-400%. There is a good amount of pampering and massage with this treatment as well to make sure you have all of the bases covered.

Skin Results Courses

In order to reach the optimum outcome for your skin, your therapist may suggest a course of treatments over the coming months.

Purchase 3 treatments up front and save 7.5%
Purchase 6 treatments up front and save 20%
Interest free, weekly payment plans and Q Card available. 12 months no payment, no interest.

Power Express Facial Treatments

Microdermabrasion Facial

$125 - 30mins

Starting with a thorough cleanse, the skin is then gently exfoliated, polished, smoothed and brought back to life with a gentle massage of skin loving actives. Add to another facial service: 15mins - $72


$125 - 30mins

Safely and effectively infuse vitamins, minerals and amino acids, bypassing the upper levels to go deep within the skin. Effectively assist with hydration, skin tightening and collagen regeneration. Add to another facial service: 15mins - $72

LED Light Therapy Facial

$125 - 30mins

It’s job is to rebalance, heal and rejuvenate skin cells to produce amazing results. As a facial, the treatment includes a thorough cleanse and scrub, finishing with your ideal hydrator.
Add to another facial service: 15mins - $72

LED Membership

$499 - 2 months

Over 2 months, book in for as many treatments as you can. This treatment requires the client to come with no makeup or we can provide cleanser for you to remove in the treatment room prior to the session starting. Bookings are essential.

Add a super boost to any treatment

RF Skin Tightening

$199 - 15mins

Using RF, collagen and elastin is strengthened to naturally tighten the skin with great results. For eyes, neck or jaw. This treatment is performed by specialist therapists only. A 15min pre-treatment consultation must be booked.


$72 - 15mins

Needle free approach, deliver essential ingredients with deep penetration. Leaving your skin brighter & plumper.

LED Light Therapy

$72 - 15mins

Using wavelengths of light rebalance, heal and reinvigorate production of collagen. Pain free and natural.

Double Peel

$72 - 15mins

Two peels applied for double the effect, during your O Cosmedics Dermal Planning Peel.

Decollete Peel

$72 - 15mins

Add a peel to the often forgotten chest area.


$72 - 15mins

Slough away dead skin effectively and allow the penetration of actives to go deeper.


$299 - 15mins

A simple test based on your DNA to identify the most suited skincare ingredients, treatments and supplements.

Level One Roller

$99 -15mins

Improve penetration of actives and rejuvenate your skin instantly. Includes a take home roller.