What is cosmetic tattooing?
It is a process of depositing pigment into the second layer of skin (upper reticular layer),  creating eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, beauty spots and lipstick.

How long does cosmetic tattooing last?
It is different on everyone due to skincare, sunscreen used, and type of skin, but generally...
Brows last between 18 months to 2 years.
Eyeliner lasts 2-3 years.

Does it hurt?
Using topically applied anaesthetic the sensation of the tattoo is greatly improved.   Some feel very little while others do feel more, it depends on the individuals pain threshold.

How are Brows done?
Brows are done with a feather stroke tool, this creates a natural hair stroke look. Immediately after the procedure, the brows will be very dark and bold, but this will only last for 7-10 days, until the brows are healed and they will fade up to 30%. It is  recommended to  have the brows refreshed once every 12 months at $130. If you leave it more than 2 years, the price goes back to the original price of $360.

How is Eyeliner done?
Eyeliner is done with a specialized cosmetic tattoo machine and needle. It will be very bold for the first 2 weeks, then will fade up to 30% and become lighter and softer looking.  Eyeliner is $180 for either upper or lower, or $320 for both. Touch ups once a year are $130.

Do I need Refinements?
Refinements are necessary as cosmetic tattooing is a work in progress. Its recommended to come back around 6 weeks after the original treatment for the perfecting treatment to make sure everything is looking good and to add more colour to make it last longer. This appointment is $130. 

How do i Keep them looking fresh?
Try not to put cleanser or skin care products on the tattoos, especially retinol or alpha hydroxy acid skin care. Use sunscreen to protect them and prevent fading. Be vigilant with the recommended  aftercare.   Olympia will explain the aftercare at the appointment and give you an aftercare sheet to refer to.

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