Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

Treatments from $49 - Initial Consultations are available at no charge

Tired of shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams? Does unwanted hair growth cause you embarrassment? Want to save time on hair reduction? Then let us reduce it for you for a longer period – or remove it permanently!

Intense Pulsed Light systems release precisely controlled pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair. This heats the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth.

Several treatments are required at the start of the hair removal therapy because of the natural growth cycle of the hair. Each hair follicle goes through growth and resting phases, and is most successfully treated early in the growth phase. As the number of active follicles and the length of the growth phase varies, the first treatment will damage only some of the follicles. After a few weeks, previously resting hair follicles break into growth which then need to be treated.

Treatments are repeated at approximately monthly intervals. After 2-7 treatments most of the hair follicles in any particular site will be successfully treated. Subsequent hair growth can be treated as necessary.

Purchase 3 treatments up front and save 7.5%
Purchase 6 treatments upfront and save 20%



Waxing is an ideal method of removing unwanted hair, leaving the skin hair free for up to six weeks. Waxing causes the hair to grow back slower and softer and continual treatments can thin hair out. Add Depilar (advanced scientific enzymes) to your waxing

To add the Depilar service to your waxing treatment simply double the standard treatment price.

Waxing - Women

Eyebrows, Lip or Chin - $26
Lip and Chin - $29
Underarm - $30
Arms (Half) - $43
Bikini - $37
G-String - $49
Brazilian (new) - $79
Brazilian (6 weeks or less) - $62
Half Leg - $45
3/4 Leg - $62
Top Half Leg - $57
Back of Thigh - $29
Full Leg - $69

Waxing - Men

Back and Chest - $99
Back - $50
Chest - $65
Nape of Neck - $30
Ears, Nose or Brows - $26
Ears, Nose or Brows when added to another treatment $19

Facial Bleaching - Upper Lip




Treatments are charged by length of appointment time.

15 minutes - $39
20 minutes - $47
25 minutes - $55
30 minutes - $63

Purchase 3 treatments up front and save 7.5%
Purchase 6 treatments upfront and save 20%